About Us

Elite Podiatry… Our Passion!


Our vision for Elite Podiatry started when we first met as Podiatry students at Curtin University of Western Australia in 2001. After graduating in 2004, we opened up our first clinic and from then, the concept of Elite Podiatry was born!


Since then, our passion for podiatry has developed further in our journey to become amongst the leaders in our field of sports podiatry. Over the years, we have refined our techniques and increased our knowledge base, giving us the all important and crucial edge in our field.

Our passion lies in all aspects of podiatry including sports, paediatrics, diabetes and general podiatry. However in the last 5 years, we have become more involved in Perths elite sports community. We treat and support a variety of athletes and organisations including;

  • Marathon runners
  • Triathletes
  • WA Police force
  • WA Army Reserves
  • FESA
  • Local football teams
  • Local soccer, netball and basketball teams
  • Local CrossFit teams
  • Perth City to Surf
  • Half and Full Iron Man Series Events

We believe in only providing the best service and care for our patients. We are committed to ongoing professional development and are always looking for the “next and newest” available treatments for our patients.

Marie Ishak-Lewis  (Mullaloo & Stirling Clinics)


Marie Ishak-Lewis, senior podiatrist, co-founder and inventor of Synxsole, graduated from Curtin University in 2004 and began her career working as a podiatrist in her private practice. Whilst working in the field of community podiatry, Marie became interested in the field of community pharmacy and promptly applied and completed a Grad.Dip.(Pharmaceutical Science) and Master of Pharmacy at the University of Western Australia (UWA), graduating as a qualified pharmacist in July 2007. With two professions under her belt, she has been actively involved in lecturing in both the Pharmacy and Podiatry Departments of UWA.


Marie currently works actively in both professions and finds they compliment each other well. However Podiatry is certainly her passion. She has invested a lot in building up her practice over the past eight years to make it a successful and advanced podiatry clinic. Marie is passionate in the field of sports podiatry and has years of experience in the advanced biomechanics of the lower limb, treating all sport-related conditions and injuries including heel pain, arch pain, ball-of-the-foot pain, achilles pain, ankle pain, shin pain, knee pain and hip and lower back pain.


In the past few years, Marie has travelled extensively attending various conferences and workshops in an effort to further her skills in advanced orthotic therapies and learn further treatment techniques including acupuncture, dry needling, myofascial release techniques, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisations and joint manipulations. These extra and advanced treatment modalities have been vital to the successful treatment of professional athletes as well as complex and long-term patients.

Marie, as both a practitioner and lecturer, strongly believes in participating in the continued education of both Podiatry and Pharmacy professions. She strives to keep up with the latest literature and is dedicated to keeping up with the latest advancements to ensure that the patient is provided with the best possible treatment plan to achieve success.

Rachael Nash-Ferguson  (Coogee Clinic)


Rachael Ferguson, Principal Podiatrist, graduated from Curtin University in 2004, beginning her career working as a podiatrist in community health and private practice. While working in community health, Rachael was actively involved in the community in presenting and public speaking at seminars, including appearing regularly on Curtin FM with Jenny Seaton talking about common podiatry related complaints.

Rachael is passionate about health and wellness and is experienced in all aspects of podiatry including general treatment, children, sports injuries, nail surgery and advanced biomechanics.

Shortly after graduating Rachael discovered her passion in biomechanics, chronic pain and injury. Over the years that followed she completed many courses in dry needling, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy and manual techniques in the attempt to improve her skills, knowledge and developing more effective treatment plans for her patients.

Rachael also invented a shoe insert (orthotic) called Synxsole (featured on Channel 10’s hit TV show Shark Tank) where she landed a deal with Shark, Andrew Banks. Outside of the clinic, Rachael leads an action packed and full life including being the CEO of Synxsole Orthotics, enjoying spending quality time with her husband and kids, blogging about her health and wellness journey through “The Healthy Podiatrist” as well as writing e-books on common podiatry complaints.

Rosalie Natalotto  (Mullaloo & Stirling Clinics)


Rosalie joined the Elite Podiatry Stirling team in 2013 and has brought a wealth of experience with her, enhancing our team. Rosalie has been a podiatrist for over 30 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of podiatry including paediatrics and biomechanics.


Rosalie has been well trained in techniques of acupuncture, dry needling, laser acupuncture and joint mobilisation and incorporates these into her daily practice.


Rosalie also treats children and general podiatry-related issues including corns, callus, ingrown toe-nails and the diabetic foot. She regularly performs nail surgery and makes both insoles and custom orthoses.

Grace Hughes  (Mullaloo Clinic)


Grace joined the Elite Podiatry Mullaloo team in 2017 and has brought a wealth of international and interstate experience with her. Grace is originally from Ireland where she completed her Bachelors of Science, Podiatry degree at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


She is passionate about exercise, fitness and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Grace uses a wide range of treatment techniques such as dry needling, taping, lower limb conditioning and soft tissue mobilisations.


Her passion is biomechanics however she also treats general podiatry related problems such as ingrown toenails, corns, calluses and diabetic care.


Grace has also been trained in Keryflex cosmetic nail restoration and performs nail surgery for troublesome ingrown toenails.

Julia Partridge  (Coogee Clinic)


Julia Partridge, Senior Podiatrist joined the Elite Podiatry Coogee team in November 2013 after immigrating with her family from England. Julia is a keen runner and has a strong passion for health and fitness which is what initially lead Julia to complete her first bachelor degree in Sports Science. After discovering her love of human biomechanics, Julia then completed her second degree in Podiatry at Brighton University.

Julia is passionate about helping patients suffering from chronic pain which had led to her undertaking further training in dry needling, soft tissue techniques and laser acupuncture. Julia is extremely kind hearted always going above and beyond for her patients.

Passionate about health and wellness, you will always find her reading books and journals about anything health related whilst researching new tips and tricks to help her patients.

When Julia isn’t in the clinic she is often outdoors, training for her next half marathon and running with her dog or spending time with her family.

Andrew Wilson  (Coogee Clinic)


Andrew Wilson joined the Elite Podiatry Coogee team in 2017, complementing the team with his strong passion for biomechanics and minor surgery. Andrew completed his first degree, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Health which gave him the opportunity to work along side elite sporting teams. This experience highlighted the impact of lower limb injury on performance and lead to a keen interest in the field of podiatry.

Andrew then completed his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at The University of Western Australia and shortly after completed further training in dry needling techniques and soft tissue therapies.

Andrew is always willing to go the extra yard for his patients, taking great pride in the service and care he provides patients. When he is not in the clinic, Andrew loves teaching children to play the piano, boating on the swan river and learning Italian.