Joint Mobilisations & Manipulations

What is joint mobilisation?


Joint mobilisation involves the passive movement of a joint in an effort to regain its mobility and achieve a therapeutic effect.


Joint manipulation is similar to joint mobilisations however a quick, thrusting movement is involved.


At Elite Podiatry, we use a combination of local joint mobilisation and manipulation therapies combined with other treatment modalities to help treat and resolve a range of conditions of the lower limb including the following:

Our podiatrists usually recommend subsequent treatments to maintain the desired effect, however this is not always required and varies per patient.


Depending on your requirements, we will customise a podiatric treatment suitable to your needs. We have a range of effective treatments available to help relieve and prevent this condition, as well as improving your quality of life.


For an assessment, diagonosis and treatment options, please call us on 0451 133 575 or book into our Elite Podiatry Mullaloo or Marmion clinics.