Orthotics & Insoles

Orthotics (Orthoses) and Insoles


Orthotics (or orthoses) and insoles are customised orthopaedic devices that supports or corrects the function of your foot and lower limb.


Orthotics and insoles are regularly used to provide pain relief by correcting any abnormality in your biomechanics, this in turn helps to reduce overuse and stress to your muscles and joints.


Orthotic devices are made only after a thorough and comprehensive biomechanical assessment including visual gait analysis, muscle and joint range-of-motion testing.


At Elite Podiatry, we only use the most accurate and precise method of hand-casting and hand-manufacturing orthotics. The casts of each foot are expertly and individually made with plaster and sent off to the most prestigious orthotic laboratory in Perth.


Due to this technique, we are able to ensure the cast taken of your foot and its prescription correctly represents our findings. Although this is more effort on our part, at Elite Podiatry we believe this is the most superior method in providing you an accurate device.


We believe there is no comparison when compared to the “quick & easy” computer-generated orthotic systems.


For an assessment and treatment options, please call us on 0451 133 575 or book into our Elite Podiatry Mullaloo or Marmion clinics.

Orthotics and insoles may be prescribed for the following podiatry conditions:

At Elite Podiatry, we offer two types of orthotics (orthoses) /  insole devices, either temporary and custom made.


Depending on your requirements, we can customise an orthotic or insole device suitable to your needs.


Elite Podiatry also uses SynxSole, a product which owner Marie Ishak-Lewis has co-developed after many years of clinical podiatry practice.


The comfortable and durable SynxSole orthotic was designed specifically to treat a range of conditions including heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain.


For an assessment and treatment options, please call Elite Podiatry on 0451 133 575 or book into our Mullaloo or Marmion clinics.