Trigger Point Therapy & Dry Needling

What is it?


Trigger point therapy and Dry Needling refer to the treatment of muscular and myofascial trigger points using acupuncture needles, acupressure, deep tissue massage or laser therapy.  Trigger points are irritable and hypersensitive areas in muscles, tendons or connective tissue. This irritation can cause the affected area to shorten, tighten, spasm and become weakened. Causes of trigger points include some of the following:

At Elite Podiatry we use various techniques to help release and treat trigger points. However our main goal is finding the cause and preventing your condition from recurring. Conditions that are commonly due to trigger points include:

At Elite Podiatry, we often use trigger point therapy and dry needling with other treatment modalities to offer the most effective form of treatment. Depending on your requirements, we will customise a treatment suitable to your needs. We have a range of effective treatments available to help relieve and prevent this condition and improve your quality of life. Please call us at Elite Podiatry to organise an appointment for an assessment, diagnosis and treatment.