Footwear Assessment

To maintain optimal foot health and prevent foot-related conditions, it is vital that you have the correct fitting and style of footwear for your chosen activity.


At Elite Podiatry, our team of experienced podiatrists demonstrate and advise you on the best features to look for in a good shoe and customise our advice according to your foot type and biomechanics as well as any pre-existing foot conditions.


During a footwear assessment, we will assess your gait and biomechanics to identify any potential issues.


We will conduct a detailed examination of the feet and assess gait and biomechanics to identify any potential issues.


Please bring in a selection of footwear with you on your first visit as the wear patterns on your shoes can tell us a lot about your biomechanics and any dysfunction that might exist.


If you are planning on purchasing new shoes, please wait until you have been assessed and advised accordingly on what shoe type to choose.


To book a footwear assessment, please call us on 0451 133 575 or book online into one of our Elite Podiatry Mullaloo or Marmion clinics here.