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Please note Elite Podiatry is NOT an NDIS registered provider. Please ensure that you have written evidence (referral or NDIS email) of dedicated podiatry and NDIS funding.


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NDIS Podiatry Eligibility: Getting Foot Care Support


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national program that supports Australians aged less than 65 who are living with disability. It aims to improve their quality of life by providing access to essential services and support.


This can include assistance with daily activities, employment, education, and social participation, allowing participants to live more independently and reach their full potential. The NDIS can help cover podiatry services for those who qualify. To access any NDIS support, including podiatry, you must first meet the general NDIS eligibility requirements. These include:


Age: Being under 65 years old.

Residence: Being an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or holding a permanent or special category visa.

Disability: Having a permanent and significant disability that affects your everyday life.


While meeting the general criteria is the first step, NDIS funding for podiatry specifically focuses on how foot/lower limb care relates to your disability. NDIS may cover podiatry services if you need ongoing podiatry care due to your disability and/or this care helps you manage daily activities affected by your disability.


Examples of NDIS funded podiatry services might include:


– Assessments and treatment plans by a qualified podiatrist.

– Specialised footwear or aids/devices such as orthotics, to improve mobility, foot health and your capacity to function.

– Treatment for foot/lower limb problems caused by your disability and to assist in increasing daily living.

Note: the term ‘lower limb’ includes the foot, ankle, legs/shins, knees, hips and lower back



For more information on NDIS podiatry or the application process, visit the NDIS website or call the NDIS helpline at 1800 800 110.

NDIS Podiatry Services