Visual Gait Analysis

Marie Ishak has over 20 years of experience in visual biomechanical analysis and has completed a significant number of advanced biomechanical courses, mentoring the full team at Elite Podiatry.


Due to this, we are extremely confident and accurate in our assessment. We also use a range of tests and assessment of footwear patterns to complete a thorough analysis of your gait.


For assessment, diagnosis and treatment options available at Elite Podiatry, please call us on 0451 133 575 or book into our Mullaloo or Marmion clinics.

A visual gait analysis may be required for the following conditions:

Depending on your assessment and visual gait analysis we can customise an individualised treatment plan for you.


Please call Elite Podiatry on 0451 133 575 or book into our Mullaloo or Marmion clinics.