What are calluses?


Calluses occur due to the thickening of your skin. Unlike corns, they do not occur in small concentrated areas, but rather in small to larger areas. Calluses occur as a result of increased pressure, friction or seasonal changes and are commonly found on the bottom of your foot.

What causes calluses?


There are several reasons calluses can occur. Some of these include the following:


  • Abnormal walking pattern (orthotics may reduce this)
  • Standing up for long hours, especially on hard floors
  • Narrow or tight fitting shoes
  • Walking in open footwear such as thongs or sandals
  • Walking barefooted
  • Standing up for long hours, especially on hard floors
  • Diabetes
  • Some medications (eg. Diuretics, chemotherapy…)
  • Climate changes (eg. Dry summers or cold winters)

How to treat calluses?


For callused, thickened skin, treatment from one of our podiatrists at Elite Podiatry is the quickest and most efficient treatment available. Using special instruments, we use a simple pain-free method of debriding the callused skin and any cracks! Remember, all consultations are eligible for private health fund rebate.

At Elite Podiatry we have mastered advanced techniques that help us identify, diagnose and treat plantar fasciitis and its associated complications effectively with a high success rate. We have a range of treatments available to help relieve and prevent such conditions and improve your quality of life. At Elite Podiatry, we often use adjunct therapies to offer the most effective form of treatment. Depending on your requirements, we will customise a treatment suitable to your needs. Please call us at Elite Podiatry to organise an appointment for an assessment, diagnosis and treatment.